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Tender engines and bean bags

March 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Waitangi Day – ferro club picnic – good friends, good food, lots to drink and a warm sunny day on a Motuihe beach. Watching Zinkwazi lying at anchor in the bay, watching Kate come and go with her tender with its new 15hp engine. What more could you want? Wellllllllll – a bean bag and a new tender engine?

We are never satisfied are we? And why a bean bag? Well, I managed to commandeer one of Richard & Nova’s bean bags and settled in for the day and was prepared to repel all contenders – even the rightful owners. But thank goodness for good friends who no doubt ignored my occasional lapses into sleep. Busy day – eating, drinking, talking, napping reaching the stage where a coffee would be really really good. Then the incoming tide forces us to move – fast. Really fast, because Zinkwazi is dragging and last time she did that she took a few boats with her.

Rob and I find our tender, launch it and try to start the engine, and the bia*tch will not start. And of course Zinkwazi is sublimely oblivious to this – she is heading home to Auckland. I am not absolutely sure Rob did get the engine started or if it was his adrenaline fuelled cranking that got us out to Zinkwazi, but we headed her off. Got on board, fired up the donk, motored back in and re-anchored.

Of course Rob and I will absolutely deny we ever have problems with dragging. Last time we did was in Fitzroy when we had an undersized anchor and chain and rope. Not a problem now – upsized our anchor (sometimes size does matter) gone to all chain, no problem – when we drop the pick we are set. Except when we forget about the rising tide and do not put out enough chain.

Ah well, stuff happens. I did collect coffee, cups, the other bits and pieces for coffee and the huge bar of Trader Joe chocolate my sister brought me from the States so we were welcomed back ashore, I reclaimed “my” bean bag and enjoyed the coffee and chocolate while vowing to buy a bean bag and a new tender engine.

And time passes – Rob researches engines – sends me pictures of engines, sends me engine specs, talks about engines, explains the difference between pull start and electric start, lists advantages and disadvantages of different brands, weighs up pros and cons of 15hp vs 10hp etc. etc. While at the same time trying to persuade me that there is no room on Zinkwazi to store a bean bag.

And time passes – we have a trip up to Whangarei and have to visit Stanley’s who sell 2nd hand boat bits, not that we need anything 2nd hand because we are going to buy a new engine and a new bean bag. Nevertheless we walk out with a wind vane. So no engine at the moment.

But I can still buy a bean bag. And I don’t need to store it, because once I’m in it only a dragging boat will get me out and for the next three years we will be putting out twice as much chain as we need to so won’t be dragging for a while.

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