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Thursday 26 December 2008 Bon Accord Harbour Kawau

December 27th, 2008 · No Comments

Weather was fantastic yesterday – hot, clear and no wind. After blueberry muffins for breakfast we headed around to Coppermine Bay, anchored up, and blew up the rubber toys. Great fun this.

Then we fired up the fizz boat and with Natasa up first we went sea biscuiting and wake boarding. Even I got a turn on the sea biscuit (well somebody implied thet I did not have guts to do it, a surefire way of getting me to do something).

As always, before heading out we’d stocked up at least inches worth (enough so that Zinkwazi floats 2 inches lower in the water). One day I’ll work out what weight lowers her by an inch. But we are steadily working our way through the stores. Already we have some head room in the freezer and have used up primary beer stores. For beer, we have primary, secondary, back-up and Maureen’s secret stash and we still run out! Think I counted 6 doz heineken, 2 doz stella 40 cans db and 24 cans export gold. That is a lot of beer. But the boys are doing their best to get through it and lighten Zinkwazi. Talk about men on a mission.

Our mate Gerry on Helen Mary is anchored next to us so we had him across for tea. Steak in creamy pepper sauce with pasta followed by rhubarb crumble. Delisious. I’d never made rhubarb crumble before and Doug wanted to know why not apple crumble – simple – rhubarb is so gloriously pink, not boring white like apples. I’ll post the recipe.

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