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30 March 2008 Pipi Bay

March 31st, 2008 · No Comments

Batteries are 100%. Taken ages after our video blow-out. Remarkable that Rob has been so relaxed about his batteries. Think because there is still plenty of beer.

We sailed out of the Te Puna inlet under our main. We are heading for Russell – not sure why, but there must be a good reason.

We sailed through the Kent Passage. This has 2 challenges – a shallow bottom & an overhead power cable. Both of which we are keen to avoid. Our mast is 14m so we should have 7m clearance below the power lines. Bottom is marked ans 2.5m and we are going through a couple of hours after low-tide so should be fine. And whew we made it.

Well been to Opua & Russell. Filled water & diesel tanks at Opua & had an ice-cream at Russell. Knew there was a good reason we had to go to Russell. Also got some schakles, cleats & rope to rig a boom preventer. Very useful in following winds to stop the boom slamming from side to side.

We are now heading out to Urupukapuka because tomorrow the weather looks good so we head north. We are going to Whangaroa via Matauri Bay & the Cavalli’s.

Tonight we will get the boat ready – we take engine off tender & put on bracket on our radar arch. We put kayaks on our side-decks and secure them with straps & bungies. Anything loose on deck gets put away or tied down. I make sure our big rod is in rod holder and rigged with the right lure. And we check that everything below is stowed securely. If not – it gets thrown around. I take seasick pill and Rob checks the donk. We plan to get away as soon as we wake up and should be in Whangaroa by late afternoon.

So next log will be from further north.

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