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24 – 27 March 2008, Bay of Islands

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24 March 2008, Opua

We have had a fantastic day. After a late night we slept in so had a late breakfast of eggs benedict. English muffins, crispy bacon, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce. Had some interesting challenges in poaching the eggs – the first one formed threads in the simmering water as the boat rocked. Greg was all for putting the raw eggs in gladwrap to simmer, but I did not want to ruin my pan. So used some small bowls I have – put them in the water, melted a little butter and added the egg. Worked a treat.

Then we had a fantastic sail from Urupukapuka to Opua. Just as well because we had run out of beer (although Rob probably has a few cases of cans stashed away, but he is not sharing) so we needed a diversion. Greg was on the helm, Ross was on main sheet, Mark was on genoa, I was skippering and Rob was banished to his bunk because he wants to do everything. We tacked on broard reaches from Urupukapuka to Tapeka Pt and then beam reached up the Veronica Channel to Opua. (sheet = rope, genoa is our big foresail, tack = turn or zigzag, broard reach = wind on back quarter, beam reach = wind @ 90 degrees to boat).

It was time for Greg to go home so we got a berth in Opua Marina to fill up with water, get rid of rubbish, buy beer and do laundry. We had sorted rubbish into general rubbish, crushed cans, wine bottles, beer bottles, beer bottles, beer bottles, , , , ,which filled our tender. After a few trips up the wharf to the recycle centre we were rubbish free. Ross & Mark had driven up in my car so we went to Pahia to drop off laundry, do grocery & beer shopping and go out to dinner.

And then home to bed.

25 March 2008 Opunga Cove

Sex & the City

Ross, Mark & Rob went off quad biking which they throughly enjoyed. Opua Marina has fantastic showers so I did girly things. Laundry proved to be a mission – mainly because laundry did not want to do it! Oh for my Korean laundry – twice as fast, half as expensive and a lot more pleasant to deal with.

Weather has turned – windy, overcast & sea is rough. We headed out from Opua at about 13:00 and had an exhilerating trip out. Found a protected cove & settled in. (exhilerating = front hatch & vents need to be closed as Zinkwazi buries her nose into swell and waves wash over the deck with spray flying back to dog house.)

Rob & I have been caught by the weather before, last year we rode out the big storms in the BoI and as long as we have enough supplies we quite like being anchored up in a protected bay. I cook, do crosswords, we read, do maintenance and watch DVDs. Ross had never seen the last episodes of Sex & the City so we settled in to watch the last season. Rob went off visiting as there was a boat we recognised in same ancorage. Always good to catch up with people we know.

I made bacon wrapped cherries – bacon is cooked till crisp. Then we had omlettes for tea. Cheese & mushroom & cheese & smoked salmon. Yummy.

27 March 2008 Omakiwi Cove

Windy and overcast. But it is Mark & Ross’ last day and Mark wants to catch fish so we go fishing. And we catch fish. All undersize so they go home to mommy. At last we catch a snapper – just legal.

I fillet and skin the snapper keeping head & bones which I use to make stock. Once stock is ready I cook some chopped onion, potato & kumura and put aside. Then make a roux with butter & flour and use to thicken stock. Add back the vegetables and diced fish & some prawns heat and serve. Very yummy.

We also barbequed a butterflyed lamb leg and sweetcorn. I did make a salad dressing but ran out of inspiration to make the salad.

Then we settled in to watch the end of Sex in the City.

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