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October 11th, 2008 · 1 Comment

In South Africa maize meal is a staple and usually cooked as a white porridge. For a braaivleis (barbeque) it is cooked until it is dry and crumbly (styve pap) and served with a tomato gravy and borewors (farmers sausage) – traditionally barbequed in coil (i.e. the kind used to to keep ropes neat and tidy).                                  Rope coil (Pearson Scott Foresman, donated to the Wikimedia Foundation)

I have always loved styve pap, but it does not work with yellow meals so unless you can get the white maize meal milled in South Africa it is not an option. But in experimenting I discovered polenta.

Polenta is very versatile, both as a substitute for rice or potatoes and as an ingredient in recipes. My favourite (well at the moment anyway) way of serving is to make to instructions on packet with slightly more polents than recommended (usually bring 4 parts water and salt to taste to boil pour in 1 part polenta in a thin stream stirring while doing so to avoid lumps. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes). I’d add a couple of extra table spoons of polenta to give a thicker consistency.

Take mixture off stove and add a dollop of butter and some grated cheese (2/3 cup parmesan and 1/3 tasty), pour into a baking tray and smooth out and set aside to set (about 10 minutes but can be kept form much longer). When ready to serve sprinkle grated cheese on top and grill until cheese is golden and polenta is hot. Cut into squares and serve. 



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  • 1 The Spicegirl // Oct 20, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    This sounds great! You should post it on our website too. Under the recipe section! So many people ask us often for nice alternatives to pap with their braai. Remember the next braai day is only 11months away – 24 September 2009