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21 – 23 March 2008 Bay of Islands

March 27th, 2008 · No Comments

21 March 2008, Paradice Bay, Urupukapuka

At last we have fish for tea!

We left Russell at about 9:00 this morning and went to Opua where we re-fuelled, took on water, got rid of rubbish and picked up my 2 oldest sons, Ross & Greg & Ross’ partner Mark. So we now have a full boat. Once done we headed out again and picked a spot from the Spot-x book between Roberton & Motarua islands and Rob & the boys fished. Somewhat pathetic but we do have 4 pannies for supper. Greg lost something big.

While we were fishing a close-hauled yacht sailed by – Rob yelled out “nice clean bottom” & the helmsman him the thumbs up. I think Rob needs to work on his pick-up lines. (Close-hauled = sailing as straight into the wind as possible. This makes the boat heel. Heel = lean over. Helmsman = equivalent of Dean Barker on New Zealand, though rarely as good looking)

I’ll pan fry the fish in butter & lemon and serve with a spinach risotto. Might fry haloumi (a greek cheese) which I sprinkle with oregano & lemon juice and serve as a starter.

For lunch I made a tomato & mozarella salad & we had leftover roast chicken & potato salad with vogels bread.

22 March 2008 Whangaruru Harbour

The sun is shining, the beer is cold and there are no fish in the sea. Other than the big ones Greg keeps loosing.

Forecast yesterday was for 15 knot south easterlies so we thought (since the fishing was crap) that we’d sail around Cape Brett and spend the night in Wangaruru. Optimistically trolling on the way. Nothing on the lure and no wind so although we had the main up the iron spinaker really did the work (iron spinaker = engine)

Do you have any idea how much beer it takes to catch no fish and not sail? We are down to under 5 doz. And as we use stuff out the freezer and fridge it just creates space to chill beer and more gets drunk.

Breakfast was bagels with raspberry jam & phidelphia cream cheese. For lunch we had cheese, biscuits, pate & the last of the cold chicken. For supper I am boiling up a pickled pork, will glaze it and serve with baked potatoes & salad. Just as well I defrosted pickled pork as ther are no fish in the sea.

Tomorrow we head back to BoI.

23 March 2008 Otaio Bay, Urupukapuka

Happy Easter everybody.

We had a terrible night – well I had a terrible night, everyone else slept. Whangamumu was very rolly.

We had blueberry muffins for breakfast, made with the last of the blueberries and then we went ashore to explore the old whaling works. Afterwards we headed back to BoI. Someone had abandoned their catch in the harbour – there were several dozen kina and fish floating in the water. Criminal.

We sailed back on the genoa with some engine when we were sailing close to the wind. Picked up a nice sized kawai on the lure and an even better sized bayliner shortly thereafter, but bayliner escaped before we could gaff it.

Kawai is one of my favourite eating fish but I scraficed it for the boys to use as bait. Sacrificed it was, because they caught nothing.

But never the less we had a delicious dinner. Boerewors, sirloin steak, couscous and stir-fried bak choy & mushrooms.

We played canasta afterwards (accompnied by some very nice merlots) – Rob opted out. Think he might have been traumatised the time he made a silly discard and I pointed out to him (probablly not very diplomatically) that canasta is not a game.

So it was Greg and I against Mark & Ross. Greg & I led till the last hand when Ross’ strategising enabled him to take a very big pack giving him and Mark the game.

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