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Houseboat: Kotare

August 25th, 2008 · 1 Comment

26 June 2008 Maureen and I are building the houseboat Bon Voyage. We purchased the plans last year (2007) and then ordered the timber – wow – a fair amount of timber, especially when you have to unload by hand. The frames are all now made, and stem, which I laminated from 10 mm timber, rather than the specified plywood. I then scarfed all the stringers  and the keelson. It took me two days to build the strongback (building form). Today, 26 june 2008, I have mounted all the frames and stem on the strongback.

22 July 08: We are building out boat to survey standards, as we plan to charter her out…so we have had to make some alteratons to her construction to satisfy the surveyor. Namely, the stem is now laminated from 22 strips of lumber (not the plywood as stated) and the chine log and gunwhales (shear clamp) are also of laminated lumber. It really does pay to read the building instructions, as I dressed all my timber to the sizes, but as I found out last week when trying to install the chine log my straight planks won’t bend; no matter how much brute force was applied, they would not go…. So I ended up slicing the 6″ x 3/4″ planks down into square strips and laminating them up in position. Seems to be working; fitted both first layers to boat yesterday.

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