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Westpark Sunday 4 May 2008

May 4th, 2008 · No Comments

In the slings

Zinkwazi is out of the water dangling from the travel-lift slings. She has an unusual feature for a ferro boat – a great big steel shoe and while we’ve had her we’ve never had the opportunity to check the bottom of it, let alone anti-foul it. So leaving her in the slings over the weekend gives us and opportunity to see how the shoes is wearing and to seal/anti-foul.

It has been a pretty miserable weekend – cold and rainy. So wet that sanding is out of the question which is frustrating because we want to get back into the water as quickly as possible and have a long list of things to do and check. Rob did some prep on the hull while I cleaned the bilges – still full of oil from our gear box problem. Today was to wet to do any prep work so I managed to waste some time sleeping late, shopping, having lunch before we went to the boat. Rob has decided to take the shaft out to check it and to check the cutlass bearing and we need to get the prop off to polish it we we can get it sealed. I was pretty much as a standstill – I desperately want to paint the cockpit but I need a couple of dry days and it was to damp to even do any prep work.

And then I had to come back to Hamilton stopping on the way to see my boys. My oldest Ross is packing for Perth having got a new job good for him – love you Doug, Greg and Ross.

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