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Pekapeka Bay, Whangaroa Harbour, Friday, 14 January, 2011

January 14th, 2011 · No Comments

My mojo is still lost, but at least I am catching bait. May have to eat it if I don’t catch anything bigger. This will shock Rob so might do anyway – a couple of butterflied baby kahawai on the barbecue with some wood chips to smoke them maybe. And I love skipjack mackerel, piper, well pretty much all fish. Except yellowtail, useless as bait and food.

We went ashore at Totara North today, not much to see, but we are thinking about getting some land up here so I wanted to see the north shore of Whangaroa Harbour. Then we crossed over and had beer and pizza at the Marlin. I learnt my lesson at RBC and had only one beer and then switched to scotch…

As forecast the wind is getting up so we are anchored up under the eastern volcanic shore of Pekapeka Bay, can hear the wind in the rigging but sea is calm so we are all good.

We both overate at lunch so had cashews for tea.

Tomorrow we fish. And are also on countdown to going naked so need to figure out when we do washing. Although I have figured out that if I wear togs for a couple of day I can last till we get home. Rob travels a lot more lightly than I do though.

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