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Waitepipi Bay, Whangaroa Harbour, Thursday, 13 January 2011

January 14th, 2011 · 1 Comment

I fished last night. There is strong tidal flow in Mangonui but it was a very still clear night. GPS was officially on anchor watch butbI read late and was checking boat and the sea was alive with bait fish. So I could not resist, I caught a small kahawai (but too big to use as live bait) on bait rod, chopped it up and used as bait. Got some good bites, but did not manage to catch anything. Was hoping for a John Dory. Still, was very enjoyable, me in my pj’s and some bloke on the wharf fishing at 2:00 in the morning with bait fish plopping up so that it sounded like popcorn popping.

We had a lazy day, lunch in Mangonui and browsing in the shops. Rob particularly enjoys the arty shops and I can see he really pays attention in them because he will often ask “Why would anyone buy this?” or “We need to get [shells, resin, glass, wood, tiles, wire, etc. etc.] because I could turn these out and look they are selling for $120”).

When we got back to boat, forecast had worsened and was for 2m swells, sea state moderate to rough, 20 knot winds and getting progressively worse over next 3 days. So mid-afternoon we decided to leave, sadly turning south rather than north but if weather is turning bad we want to be in a safe anchorage and have time to get home. So south to Whangaroa it was. Not all bad – Whangaroa is still my all time favorite harbour.

Trip south is in open seas – nothing between New Zealand and South America – so we cleared decks, tied everything down, checked and double checked that everything down below was securely stowed. But after all that, trip was the mirror image of our trip up to Whangaroa where we had a very rough trip. Sea was gentle, wind a steady 10 knots and we romped down the coast and were happily at anchor under the Dukes Nose before 6:00 p.m.

I did want to leave anchor watch on because ripples were at least 2″ (some wind ruffles), but Rob said they needed to be at a little bigger to justify the electricity the GPS sucks up. Seriously we only set anchor watch if it is really rough, or if there is strong tidal flow, or we are not happy with set of anchor.

After lunch we only needed a snack for supper and having got some lovely fresh bread in Mangonui we had soup – our ever reliable Campbells potato and leek.

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  • 1 Ross // Jan 15, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Dukes nose at Whangaroa is my favourite!