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Te Hue Bay (Assassination Cove), Bay of Islands, Thursday, 6 January, 2011

January 7th, 2011 · No Comments

Happy birthday Elyse.

The boats are back, the boats are back in town.

Tall ships race on Saturday and we’ve already seen a few and there are a couple anchored very close by. Can’t see her name but here is a very glammed up schooner:

We’ll sail the course on Saturday – anybody with anything that floats gets out onto the water. Afterwards we’ll go to the prize giving and hangi at the Russell Cruising Club, there will also be a live band and dancing so Rob is very excited – NOT.

We got petrol – had to go in and tie up at the Russell wharf, went very well, but wharves are scary at best of times and Russell is very busy. Then we anchored off RCC tendered ashore and went shopping for the bits and pieces we needed. Had a late lunch at Hone’s, Rob had hamburger and I had pizza, both very good. I kept tripping because the land wasn’t moving – always takes me a while to aclimatise after being on boat.

Once done we headed out and are anchored in one of my favorite bays off quite a big island – North Island. I had sweetcorn and grilled mushrooms for tea and Rob had sweetcorn and leftover steak, all done on BBQ. Yum – I love new season sweetcorn. All we do is dip it in sea water and then grill (leaves and all) and cook till leaves are nicely blackened.

I dithered over buying the Cobb BBQ because it was quite expensive and we have a perfectly good gas barbecue. But I wanted a smoker and the Cobb does both so gas barbeque went and I did not have to find somewhere to keep a smoker. Not tried smoking yet but love the Cobb, easy to light, good even heat and food tastes like it has been cooked on charcoal (which it has). First suitable fish we catch I’ll try smoking.

Now you might be wondering about this fishing – because there are no fish yet! But other than drag a lure we have not really done any fishing, mainly because Whangaroa is such a good fishing we can’t be fagged to fish gill we get further north.

Been a good day, Zinkwazi is going well, I used the inverter to charge my camera batteries so can take pics again, we had a good day and the zombies have failed miserably to eat my brains.

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