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Paradise Bay, Urupukapuka Island, Bay of Islands, Wednesday, 5 January 2011

January 6th, 2011 · No Comments

We’ve not moved today. Slept late and then did boat work. Sadly this is just like housework, but on a boat.

Rob did most of stowing away before we left and so I can’t find anything. Because I did the shopping in several short bursts I’m not sure what food and drinks we have on board so mainly what I did was to re-stow everything. Take everything out of the lockers and put it back, usually in the same place! I did manage to find most of the things I’d lost. Except charger cable for my camera batteries…….still looking……. We are very well stocked, only need petrol for outboard, roller towels, small sinkers for bait rod and turpentine,I want to redo silicon seal in galley and heads and need turpentine to clean up.

Being on holiday we need to take regular breaks so reading, Plants vs Zombies and watching the comings and goings in the bay took up the rest of the day. And there were lots of comings and goings and there is nothing that a securely anchored sailor enjoys more than watching other boats anchor – the newbys are very entertaining. I also rigged the bait rod because we don’t have any bait so will need to catch or buy some. No luck yet but I used a frigging heavy sinker so sabaki rig would not have worked well and it was no fun so only did a couple of drops.

Still eating from the top down so we had a Wholly Cow (from Hamilton farmers market) rolled sirloin roast. Did it on the BBQ which has a dome cover. Seared in a pan and then seasoned with salt, pepper and mustard powder. But I am a little concerned because I think Rob must be feeling poorly, he had more vegetables than meat. For vegetables I did baked potatoes with the roast and a mix up of courgettes, eggplant and tomato with a touch of chilli. Will write up recipe and post because they were divine and I will want to make again.

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