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Wednesday 16 April 2008, Mangonui

April 16th, 2008 · No Comments

We get up early – needed a couple of bolts so first stop was hardware store
then off to boat. Although it is raining intermittently, the wind has died
and the sea is flat. Much better weather to do major surgery on a boat

Today was pretty much a reversal of Monday. We loaded gearbox and bits and
pieces into tender and rowed out. First we cleaned the engine box as much as
possible using degreaser and water. Then Rob mounted the new drive plate,
lowered engine and bolted up engine mounts then we lifted the gearbox out of
the tender manoeuvred it into position and attached to engine and prop
shaft. Next all the bits that had been removed had to be put back – exhaust
and air cleaner. And one done it was time to put oil in the gearbox.

Then we fire up the donk. So far so good. Rob is looking very happy with
himself until he puts it into gear and nothing! Neither forward nor astern
is working! Oh dear – or words to that effect.

Rob is uncertain if the problem is drive plate, gear box or something else.
So he starts eliminating – he manually puts the gearbox into gear by opening
up and fiddling with innards and prop shaft only turns one way – drive plate
is working and installed correctly. So problem is in gearbox – probably oil
pump. Rob takes oil pump off and it seems to be working when primed with
oil. But now we now have another problem – need to manually take gearbox out
of gear, which is not so easy. Rob can’t get to it to pull it out so we are
going to try magnets. At this point we gave up for the day.

Unfortunately I think we have fallen afoul of the lesser known companion law
to ‘If you get the chance to do maintenance – do it” which states that if
something is working leave it alone because it will not work if you fiddle
with it.

Oh well we’ll try again tomorrow.

You will have noticed that I use the term “we” a lot – implying that I have
some kind of active role in all the engine surgery. Well, I do occasionally
hold a torch or pass a spanner, but mainly I watch what is going on, put
away laundry, clean off grease marks, do crosswords etc. so the “we” is very

Thai for tea – the Thai restaurant in Mangonui is very very good.

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