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Whangaruru Harbour – 18-1-10

January 18th, 2010 · No Comments

We were up early (reluctantly) and very sadly left Whangaroa at about 7:30.

Whangaroa is about 165 miles (nautical) from Auckland and we want to bounce down the coast to Kawau in 2 or 3 legs early this week to avoid being caught by the weather. This takes a surprising amount of planning, debate, checking of charts and the long term weather forecasts and consulting pilot books.

Between Whangaroa and Tutukaka there are lots of safe anchorage’s for overnighting. But from Tutukaka to Kawau they are much scarcer and we are not familiar with any of them. For an anchorage we don’t know very well we want daylight and good weather the first time – to risky in the dark and much harder in crappy weather.

We’d have preferred to have done it more slowly and enjoyed some of the very beautiful harbours on the way. But we’ve by-passed The Cavalli’s, The Bay of Islands, Whangamumu Harbour and Bland Bay and have done 55 miles today. Had a tailwind of 5-10 knots so iron spinnaker did most of the work today. Sea was slight but there was a big swell and it was hot but overcast.

Sadly, for me engine
+ big swell on the quarter
+ heat
+ an apparent wind of close to 0 knots (boat going in same direction and at same speed as wind so it feels like there is no wind)
= seasickness (for first time this trip)
– well did not actually get sick but felt very queasy. So abandoned my watches and spent most of day sitting in lotus position on foredeck looking at the horizon. As soon as we get into calmer waters I am fine.

We did about 50 miles today and are now anchored in beautiful Whangaruru Harbour. There was a pod of dolphins in the harbour earlier – they are such gorgeous creatures.

For tea we had left-overs and cheesy polenta. Very good. Then we lolled around on the deck watching the sunset (or the insides of our eyelids). Came below when it got chilly and did the dishes. Rob is almost asleep and I am not far behind.

We are still debating tomorrow – I’m keen to stay here tomorrow and then head to Kawau on Wednesday. Rob favours leaving tomorrow and doing 2 legs to Kawau, stopping at Urquharts Bay or Hen and Chicks if they offer protection from wind or possibly Marsden Point Marina. But forecast is for strong winds on Thursday and Friday so we probably need to get to Kawau on Wednesday.

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