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Waitepipi Bay, Whangaroa Harbour – 16-1-10

January 16th, 2010 · No Comments

I caught a kingfish. Threw it back so it can grow another 10 cm for when I come back next year (it was only 65cm long).

Started day with American pancakes with cinnamon sugar and lemon – have a good recipe and will post separately. We ate in the cockpit watching all the comings and goings from Whangaroa village.

We then anchored off west end of Peachtree Island to fish and I stopped woosing around with a terakihi rig – was catching under-sized snapper and baby kahawai. Put on size 7 hooks and used big chunks of fresh kahawai as bait. Theory is big hooks, big bait, big fish. Hooked kingi on the head of a kahawai. Caught a very nice snapper a little later.

After fishing we have anchored for night in Waitepipi Bay for the night. It has been overcast all day, but has cleared and it is a beautiful evening.

For tea we are having snapper and roast vegetables.

For the vegetables I have put in a layer of cauliflower (last of the one from Great Barrier), shallots, cloves of garlic, carrot, couple of courgettes and some quartered tomatoes. Sprinkled with olive oil, salt and pepper and dried basil. I covered it with a layer of thickly sliced potatoes which I put in a bowl with some olive oil to get them coated.

With fresh fish I don’t need to do anything fancy – pan fry in a little olive oil and serve with lemon cubes.

Tomorrow we will fish again and are having visitors for tea so will go back to Whangaroa village tomorrow.

And Monday or Tuesday we will start heading home. Probably bounce down the coast quite quickly and then spend a few days at Kawai Island and aim to get back to Auckland next Saturday or Sunday.

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