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Coromandel Harbour – Monday 28-12-09

December 28th, 2009 · No Comments

We’re out – anchored up in Woolshed Bay off Whanganui Island in Coromandel Harbour. Very quiet except for boats arriving and a peacock crying on the shore. Might get in a kayak early tomorrow morning.

Provisioning Zinkwazi was interesting – we are unlikely to get to any shops for the next four weeks so have loaded on a months provisions. This feels quite brutal, because if we forget anything we have to make do. Took several trips up and down the jetty and at the end of it Zinkwazi floating a couple of inches lower in the water.

Weather is overcast with light breezes. Hot, but not as hot as last few days.

We’ve already started settling into our routines. Rob worrying about his batteries, planning next legs of our trip, reading up on ancorages and checking the weather. Me – sleeping, checking fishing gear, sleeping, planning food and sleeping.

To start with (or until we catch fish) we will eat our way down the freezer. Tonight is mince – not one of my favourite meats so takes a lot of thinking about! I’ll do a variation of kofta with baked potatoes, fresh sweetcurn and asparagus.
Will post recipe if it gets the thumbs up from Rob.

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